The marbles of Sicily have a type of cloudy marble that has nothing to envy to the variety of clouds of Carrara: the Clouded Cremino.

Like any other Sicilian marble, even the Cremino Nuvolato is used by the building industry for multiple installations ranging from floorings to coverings, through interior or urban fabric.

Characteristics of the Clouded Cremino

Where the Clouded Cremino is extracted

Custonaci is the almost exclusive center of extraction, processing and production of the Cremino Nuvolato. This type of Sicilian marble that is particularly elegant, is expanding the market of the marble quarries of western Sicily, giving the territory of Trapani a recognition in the sector also at the international level.

Composition of Cremino Nuvolato

The Cremino Nuvolato is a fossiliferous limestone from the family of the well-known Perlato di Sicilia. Its light beige color interspersed with pure white calcite splits gives it that refined look that makes it suitable even for the most elegant settings.

The technical, physical and mechanical requirements of this marble of Sicily, combined with the inevitable aesthetic element, make this marble a unique material, a meeting point between functionality and beauty for urban or domestic furnishings with impeccable style.

Technical features:

  • Composition: 97% CaCO3 with traces of Fe, P, Al and Mn oxides
  • Imbibition coefficient = 0.91
  • Indirect tensile strength due to bending = 139 kg / cmq
  • Impact resistance = 30 cm
  • Thermal linear expansion coefficient = 0.0039
  • Wear by sliding friction = 0.54
  • Specific weight = 2693 kg / mc
  • Modulus of normal elasticity = 705.000 kg / cmq
  • Single compression breaking load after freezing = 2221 kg / cmq
  • Single compression breaking load = 2072 kg / cmq


  • Blocks
  • Slabs
  • Marmette of different sizes
  • Steps / raised
  • skirting
  • Particular workings
  • Street furniture