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Sud Marmi deals with the processing and marketing of the following types of marble extracted in its quarries:

The undisputed protagonist in the family of Sicilian marbles, the Perlato di Sicilia. A variety that due to its high technical and aesthetic features can boast of being the marble used for the construction of the new Central Station of Milan [read more]

Son of the famous Perlato di Sicilia, the Perlatino di Sicilia is a variety of marble that has nothing to envy to its closest relative. The difference with the Perlato di Sicilia consists essentially in the gradation of color and in minimal variations in the requirements [read more]

Among the most famous marbles of Sicily and used in construction and interior and exterior architecture, the Cremino has also made its mark, distinguishing itself from the other varieties of cream marble for its characteristics and origin. Characteristics of Cremino marble [read more]

The marbles of Sicily have a type of cloudy marble that has nothing to envy to the variety of clouds of Carrara: the Clouded Cremino. Like any other Sicilian marble, even the Cremino Nuvolato is used by the building industry for multiple installations [read more]

Sud Marmi deals with the extraction, processing and marketing of Sicilian marble extracted in its quarries.

They are all materials that for technical and aesthetic characteristics are suitable for both internal and external applications. They are therefore suitable for the construction of floors, stairs and tiles in different sizes and quality levels but can also be used for external claddings, especially for claddings of palaces, hotels and buildings in general.

Sicilian marble works – The precious marble of Sicily

In particular, the company has specialized in the construction of tiles, steps, tiles, skirting boards and slabs and in the creation of products for the US market such as: sogliette, window sills, shower seats, shampoo holders, marble modules and fireplace coverings.

Furthermore, thanks to the experience and the technologies available to it, Sud Marmi is able to produce customized products in all finishes and projects, even on a large scale and all over the world.